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The Pros and Cons of Summer Tree Removal

Trees are a wonderful addition to any home, especially during the summer months. However, there are times when you’ll need to determine whether or not to remove trees on your property. Take a moment to learn more about the pros and cons of tree removal.

Pro: More Space

The first benefit of summer tree removal is more space in your yard. This is worth considering if you have a crowded yard with little space for swing sets, barbecue pits, or other features you may prefer to add to your yard. Pay particular attention to trees that are too close to your home or ones that already showing signs of disease or age.

Pro: Less Maintenance and Upkeep

If you have a pool in your yard, you likely have issues with leaves getting into the water. If you have too many trees close to your pool, consider removing some of them to reduce your summer pool upkeep demands. Again, look for older or damaged trees that can be removed if you want to preserve healthy trees.

Pro: Safety Reasons

In addition to trees that are too close to your home, there are other safety reasons to remove trees. If, for instance, there are damaged trees or trees about to fall, these trees need to be removed. Also, trees that are too close to utility lines may need to be either trimmed or removed. Storm-damaged trees should be removed, too, if the damage is severe enough.

Con: Loss of Beauty (and Property Value)

One of the downsides of tree removal is the loss of natural beauty on your property. This can result in reduced property value since homebuyers tend to prefer trees.

Con: Loss of Health Benefits

Trees help keep the air clean. Also, they promote relaxation and improve the mental health of many people.

Con: Irreversible Damage

Trees don’t grow overnight. Even if you decide to plant new trees later on, it takes time for trees to grow. You’ll have shorter trees until they grow taller. It takes years for trees to grow tall enough to be truly impressive.

Con: More Sunlight Exposure

This can be a downside if you have sides of your home that tend to get bathed in sunlight during the day. You may end up running your air conditioner more often to make up for the extra heat from the sun.

Con: Storm Damage Potential

If you have fewer trees on your property, there’s the potential for damage from storms, especially ones with high winds. Think about the areas of your home that would be most exposed before you cut down any trees or have them professionally removed.

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