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Bracing Your Trees For Oklahoma Weather

We experience all sorts of weather events here in Oklahoma. Tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, flooding, and blizzards are all possible. During major storms, your trees are liable to suffer if they are not cared for properly and inspected regularly by a tree care professional. The experts at Heartland Tree Service have 10 years of experience serving the community with storm prep and cleanup in Tulsa. If you work proactively, your trees will have a better chance of surviving the next storm. And even if you don’t have a chance to do so, we will be there to assist with the aftermath of a destructive storm.

Contact us now to learn more about our emergency services, which are designed to help those in need after a storm. We also offer free estimates when you call us at (918) 731-3080.

How To Prepare Your Trees For A Storm

There are many ways professionals may suggest to proactively protect your trees in the event of a storm. This could include ongoing maintenance, like pruning and trimming, which will remove dead branches and cut back trees so they do not grow too close to major structures.

Cabling and bracing could also save your trees from an untimely demise. Cabling and bracing are both structural strengthening tactics that support a tree with a poor or weak foundation. This helps prevent falling branches or leaning trees, especially when the trees in your yard are faced with multiple storms in a short period of time.

Storm prep in Tulsa will make your life easier and reduce the risk to your family in the long run. Plus, the most beloved trees in your yard will be preserved for years to come, even in the worst weather conditions!

When To Call Us After A Storm

Don’t wait for an extended period of time after a storm to call for storm cleanup service in Tulsa, especially if you need emergency tree service to remove partially fallen or dangerous trees. You may call us for any of the following:

No matter how much prep you do, it is always possible that a major storm will impact your trees. Come to Heartland Tree Service for assistance and guidance next time a major weather event passes through Tulsa. Storm cleanup in particular can be emotionally and physically difficult and does not have to be done alone! We will also work with your insurance to make sure your claims for damage are processed. Call us at (918) 731-3080 to schedule service today!