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Heartland Tree Service is the go-to company for safe, efficient tree removal in Tulsa, OK. Most of the tree removal jobs we perform involve getting rid of trees that are too close to an existing home or structure, whether they have grown that way over time or have shifted due to a storm. These are projects that should only be performed by qualified professionals due to the risks involved.

The professionals at Heartland Tree Service prioritize customer satisfaction, quality service, and transparent pricing. We offer free estimates for our customers, so you will not be shocked by hidden fees at the end of your service. We aim to leave your property looking better – and safer – than it was before we arrived. Plus, we offer emergency tree removal services, which are crucial when a storm makes a tree unstable or other conditions risk the safety of your family or property.

Why Should A Tree Be Removed?

When you need to remove a tree from your property, it is usually because it has become a safety hazard. However, there are a number of diverse reasons why tree removal in Tulsa may be required. Here are just a few of the possible justifications:

Whether your Tulsa tree removal is an emergency response to a dangerous situation or a planned part of a home renovation, the experts at Heartland Tree Service are happy to do the job for you.

Safety Practices & Techniques

During the process of tree removal, professionals have a deep understanding of the best methods to keep themselves and your property safe. We use the most up-to-date climbing and rigging equipment.

This allows us to safely navigate the canopy and provide a controlled decent for all limbs removed. Where necessary, a lift or crane can be used to further mitigate risk, ensuring a safe working environment for our staff.

Why You Should Call A Professional

Tree removal is not a DIY job. In fact, in many places, it is not legal to remove trees unless you are licensed to do so. This is just part of why calling a professional with a background in tree removal in Tulsa is necessary.

Professionals undergo training to know the proper safety procedures. Climbing a tree and cutting it down are both tasks that could be dangerous for both the person performing the job and those in the surrounding areas if done without the appropriate tools and knowledge. Plus, many tree removals require specific care to maneuver trees out of positions close to homes or other structures.

Companies like Heartland Tree Service will also provide additional services beyond simple tree removal in Tulsa. Tree removal typically leaves behind the stump. We offer stump grinding services which will get rid of the aboveground evidence of the tree and free up the space in your yard for new landscaping.

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