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Eliminate The Stumps On Your Oklahoma Property

When a tree is removed from your property, professional tree care experts will work with you to plan for the removal of the stump. At Heartland Tree Service, we offer stump grinding in Tulsa, OK, so your space can be used again for other landscaping purposes. We are celebrating 10 years in business, and with that time comes experience. We understand how to cleanly grind down stumps throughout your property and will either leave you with or remove the resulting mulch, depending on your preference. Our goal is to leave as minimal a trace of the former tree as we can.

For free estimates for Tulsa stump grinding services, alone or in combination with tree removal, call us at (918) 731-3080!

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the most common way to get rid of stumps left behind after tree removal. During this process, a stump is ground down to a level several inches below the surface, but the roots are not removed. The roots will, in most cases, die over time. But, in the meantime, this frees up the space formerly occupied by the stump for new landscaping, flowerbeds, small shrubs, and other additions.

There are some setbacks to stump grinding. Because the roots are not removed completely, there is a small chance the old tree will begin to grow back. Stump grinding also makes it difficult to plant a new tree in the same exact location as the old one, as the old tree’s root system will prevent a new one from growing.

Full stump removal is possible, but quite invasive because the roots must be removed. Most people opt for stump grinding in Tulsa because it does not require major excavation or the use of chemicals. Stump grinding also produces a substantial amount of mulch, which is perfect for use as fertilizer.

Why Stumps Should Be Removed

You may wonder why a stump needs to be ground or removed from your property. After all, can’t a project like this wait now that you’ve removed the trees that were safety hazards? Unfortunately, stumps themselves can become threats to your well-being as well. In fact, they have the following problems:

Don’t wait until the stumps in your yard are causing you major issues. Contact Heartland Tree Service for stump grinding in Tulsa, OK today!