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Critical Emergency Tree Services in Northeast Oklahoma

If you have a tree-related emergency, contact Heartland Tree Service today. We have a decade of experience providing emergency tree service in Tulsa, OK to both residents and businesses. We care about the well-being of our customers, which is why we respond quickly to critical jobs, like urgent tree removals. Nobody expects or wants to deal with a tree emergency, but it’s part of the experience of homeownership, especially when you live in a tornado and wind-prone area like Tulsa, OK. We do our best to make the process easy with friendly service, informed techniques, and transparent pricing, even in the event of an emergency.

When You Should Call For Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service may be required after a storm, especially major wind events like tornadoes. However, emergencies happen out-of-the-blue as well and may not be directly connected to the weather. A tree could become unstable due to disease, an insect infestation, or rot, and if you don’t have a tree service professional examining your trees on a regular basis, you may not notice these issues until the tree in question becomes a safety hazard.

If you need emergency tree service in Tulsa, OK for any reason, call Heartland Tree Service at (918) 731-3080 for urgent, caring service.

Exposed Roots

If your tree’s roots are exposed, this usually indicates that its foundation is no longer secure. You may notice this after a storm, and the tree in question may also be leaning. If this is the case, call us immediately to remove your tree.

Dead Tree Branches

Some dead tree branches may be cleared with pruning services. However, if over half of your tree’s branches are dead, there is likely something seriously wrong, and the tree may need to be removed. A surplus of dead branches can cause the tree to be unbalanced, and if those branches have died off due to disease, that affliction can spread to other trees in your yard if left unmonitored.

Falling Limbs or Branches

If a tree consistently drops branches, it is a threat to anyone who walks by it (or any nearby structures). A tree like this will at the very least need to be pruned or trimmed. Count on the professionals at Heartland Tree Service to make an informed decision about emergency tree care in Tulsa, OK.

Split Trunk

A trunk may split as a result of a storm, and this is usually a sign that a tree is no longer stable and needs to be removed. Consider too that if a tree’s trunk develops a major hole or split, unwanted animals may make the tree their home.

Leaning Tree

A tree may lean for any number of reasons. If it begins to lean too much (or if it leans in the direction of your home or the street), it will need to be removed as soon as possible.