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Protect Your Property by Planning for Tree Removal

Spring and summer storms can do a lot of damage to your trees. It’s a good idea to take a close look at your property in the spring so you can take a close look at the canopy. Trees in bud will have a halo or lacy look. Branches that are no longer budding will become obvious over time. These are the trees that may need to be removed.

The Trouble With Broken Branches

A broken branch or deep split through the bark of the tree can cause greater weakness than you can see. Once a branch is broken, the flesh of the tree is open to the elements. Destructive insects and other pests can quickly invade the tree and cause even more damage.

If you have a tree that’s been ailing for a while, it likely needs to come out. Planning is key to making sure that the arborists who remove it are safe from insect swarms and other pests that may have made a home in your tree.

Bring your tree professional out to discuss and schedule tree removal. If you wait to take out a failing tree, the weather may blow it down in a direction you don’t want.

Schedule Tree Removal Effectively

Tree removal is challenging in any conditions, but it’s really hazardous in high winds. It’s also risky when the soil is very wet since tree removal equipment is heavy. The arborist can help you review the upcoming weather conditions and plan a time for the safest removal.

If you notice that a tree is failing in the spring, the tree service may choose to remove it immediately and just deal with wet soil or windy days. If it appears that the tree can wait for safer conditions in drier weather, the arborist may choose to do that. Do be aware that you will need to get a dying tree checked out for pests in any season.

Bees that have made a home in your tree can be moved by a professional at any time of the year. However, moving a queen in winter is safer than moving a hive in summer. Stinging pests are also easier to address when the population is low during the coldest part of the year.

Seasonal storms in Tulsa, OK can quickly turn a damaged tree into a serious hazard. Be sure to have Heartland Tree Service check out any questionable trees and provide professional tree removal services if needed.