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With our home right on the Arkansas River, Jenks is a lovely place to live. Companies like Heartland Tree Service in Jenks and the surrounding areas in northeast Oklahoma contribute every day to that wonderful atmosphere. For the last 10 years, our team has cared for and serviced the trees of the greater Tulsa area with tree removals, trimming and pruning, emergency services, and more. Trust us to care for your property as we would our own with proper safety precautions, well-informed procedures, and the best tools on the market.

Contact us today to speak to a professional on the team and receive a free estimate for your desired service. We are available and waiting to chat with you at (918) 731-3080 at your convenience.

Safe Tree Removal

There is nothing more important when removing a tree than safety. The whole process can be dangerous, from initial diagnosis to scaling ladders to, of course, the moment when the tree comes down. The pros at Heartland Tree Service take tree removals seriously and have established experience removing trees that stand near buildings, wires, or other structures. Bring us the jobs you wouldn’t (and couldn’t!) do yourself, and we will apply our extensive training and protections as a licensed and insured tree service company in Jenks, OK.

Efficient Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is one of the fastest ways to get rid of the evidence of a stump. A technician will come to your house, evaluate the stump, and give a recommendation for the depth to which it should be ground down. Then we will take on the rest with our high-quality equipment and, if desired, leave you with a pile of mulch. We are happy to grind existing stumps in your yard or to discuss how this service can be added to a tree removal service.

Regular Tree Trimming & Pruning

With routine trimming and pruning services, your trees will look just as pretty as the antiques you score from Jenks’ Main Street. No tree service in Jenks is complete without some trimming and pruning, particularly during the dormant season for your trees. Both of these services keep your trees from encroaching on your home or parts of your property. They also reduce the risk of falling branches by removing dead or dying parts of the tree, as well as encouraging growth among the branches and foliage. It is a little counterintuitive that cutting back a plant could help with its new growth, but in fact, increasing access to oxygen and sunlight makes it possible for your plants to grow in a healthy way.

Emergency Tree Services

In the case of an emergency, call Heartland Tree Service immediately at (918) 731-3080! We offer emergency tree services in Jenks 24/7 and often assist with urgent tree removals. We understand the need for emergency services may arise at any time, especially with the weather in Oklahoma, and our goal is always to provide for the local residents and businesses.

Storm Prep & Cleanup

While Jenks is not the most tornado-susceptible city in Oklahoma, it is still far more likely to get hit by a tornado than the average US city. It’s even more likely to see damage than nearby Tulsa.

Our storm prep and cleanup tree services in Jenks include preventative maintenance, like bracing and cabling, as well as emergency removals and other tree cleanup after the fact. We consider any major storm a risk, not just tornadoes, as hail and snow can inflict damage to your trees as well.

Contact us today at (918) 731-3080 to speak to a member of our team or request a free estimate for your service of choice!