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Have you experienced recent storm damage to your trees? Do you need a regular tree service company to maintain your property? Heartland Tree Service is here to help, whether it’s an urgent matter or a routine service. We work with trees of all kinds as an expert, licensed tree service company in Broken Arrow, OK. We emphasize a customer-focused approach in our day-to-day operations, while also investing in our own knowledge, training, and safety.

During every job, whether it’s tree removal or stump grinding, we maintain the utmost respect for your property, doing our best to leave your landscaping better than we found it, especially when performing major jobs like tree removal and storm cleanup. Even smaller-scale services like tree trimming and pruning require an informed approach and a light touch to achieve the desirable results for your tree.

Below, we have a series of frequently asked questions about our most common services. Read these or call us now for more information at (918) 731-3080! We offer free estimates to all of our prospective customers.

What Does Tree Removal Include?

Tree removal includes the careful, safe removal of any trees that are safety hazards on your property. It may also include the removal of designated trees that do not pose a threat but are in the way or impossible to properly maintain. Removed trees may in some cases be turned into logs.

It’s also appropriate to discuss what tree removal does not include, as some people do not realize that tree services in Broken Arrow do not typically remove the stump of the tree. Full stump removal is unusual, as it is incredibly difficult to remove the whole root system of a tree without tearing up your yard. Heartland Tree Service offers stump grinding in conjunction with tree removal. Stump grinding removes the aboveground evidence of the stump without requiring excavation.

Why Is Stump Grinding Important?

The stumps left behind after tree removal quickly become unsightly and a new health and safety risk to your family. Most tree service companies in Broken Arrow will perform both tree removal and stump grinding (or removal) services, so you can bundle the services together.

Stump grinding, in particular, creates a significant amount of mulch as the stump is ground down into wood chips. This mulch can be taken away, but it also helps to renew and fertilize your yard, possibly even a new flower bed planted in the same spot where the old tree was. Stump grinding is a sustainable method for getting rid of a stump, so the remains of your old tree will not go to waste.

How Do Tree Trimming & Pruning Help Trees Grow?

Tree trimming and pruning are both services that involve cutting away branches or foliage that are inhibiting or altering the growth of the tree. Trimming and pruning both naturally remove some of the denser foliage and branches that keep lower leaves and interior branches from getting proper sunlight and air. Pruning in particular is designed to improve the health of your tree. By regularly keeping up with trimming and pruning, you will ensure that your trees grow faster and in the desired direction.

What Constitutes A Tree Emergency?

A tree emergency is any time a tree becomes a danger to you, your family, or your property. This could happen as a result of a storm, or it may be due to other issues that have gone unseen for a long time, like insect infestations, fungus growth, or diseases.

The response for most emergency tree services in Broken Arrow and the surrounding areas is to remove the tree. However, with a full-service tree company like Heartland Tree Service, we may be able to offer other recommendations, like trimming and pruning, which will help your tree retain the healthy parts and have another shot at growth.

What Is The Value Of Storm Prep & Cleanup?

Broken Arrow is filled with beautiful trees and other greenery. We’re in the part of the state commonly known as the Green Country, and we come by our name rightly. However, the weather here frequently reaches extremes both in the summer and the winter, with high highs and low lows. This invites storm systems into our hometown, which means tree service in Broken Arrow is often necessary to keep locals safe. Storm prep reduces the chances that you will have downed or damaged trees, while storm cleanup services are crucial in the effort to get our community back on track after a major weather event.